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Proprietary learning system.

Each platform contains the following

6 full modules (5,000 internet pages each) (for English, French and Spanish)
Testing Modules
Level Modules
Vocabulary Conversation Modules
Progress Test Modules
Grammar Modules
Pronunciation Exercises Modules
WarmUp Emails

All platforms are localized for country of use.

EnglishAZ.com FrancaisAZ.com EspagñolAZ.com

These language learning platforms are a very pedagogical 5,000 page e-learning site with 4,700 multi-media files,developed by graduates from native universities specializing in pedagogy and languages.  We have worked with teachers who have taught in universities, colleges and businesses, including ivy league schools around the world, but also in many language schools (second language training).


  • A virtual teacher, available 24/7

  • Teachers online available all day

  • 5,000 pages of training, 4,700 multimedia files

  • A series of lessons per level (elementary, intermediate, advanced). Duration: 1 hour / lesson

  • 2 newsletters per week by email (vocabulary / conversation with mp3 listening and grammar used on mobile phones). Duration: 60 minutes / week

  • 35 vocabulary modules / conversation topics.  Duration: 45 minutes / week

  • 45 grammar modules (45 minutes)

  • Companies already using our elearning platform: PayPal,  eBay, Texas Instruments, Shopping.com, Volvo,  CGI Canada,  Agence France Presse, Direct Energy, Hachette, Logica,... just to name a few.

  • Our objective is to increase your level by one step quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.  

Our lessons offer the flexibility of working on computers, smart phones, MP3 players or by using traditional paper.

All themes that you can use are on the site: the office, communication strategies, business travel, business email, coaching, consultants,  business in different cultures, doing presentations, boosting your career , working abroad, competition, technology, marketing, outsourcing, hobbies, networking (CVs, cover letters and interviews) ... and much more.


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